TFBTechnoFunkBoy is a electronic electronic band (that is a band that plays electronic music but is also made up of electronic band members, as all the musicians in the band come from video games).  They combine various genres, including techno, rock, rap, and lots and lots of old school MIDI.  Some of their music is more theological, some of it is just fun dance mixes of game music, and some of it is original game music.

The TechnoFunkBoy is:

  • Kaenor Apana: Vocals, guitars, keyboards, programming
  • Stephen Lannier: Keyboards
  • Lady Morelle: Keyboards, piano
  • Anlaharima: Guitars, electric bass
  • D.R.U.M.: Drums, percussion



The Final Fantasy Mixes: A Tribute to Nobuo Uematsu


TFB cover

Driver’s Seat (EP)

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