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The Yellow Canary

I was a kid when I came up with the idea for this novel, and it look a long time for me to figure out how to make it work.  I’m glad I put the time into it, because I think it really does work well.  The Yellow Canary is all around one of the best things I’ve written, and I am thrilled to see it in print.

Romero Kent, a reporter for the Houston Times, is trying to drum up leads on a scandal in local government when he is rescued from a car-jacking by the mythical and reclusive super-hero the Yellow Canary. He realizes that he has stumbled upon the story that could make his career, and, somewhat surprisingly, the Canary is willing to grant an exclusive interview with one condition – Kent becomes his sidekick.

But Kent quickly realizes that this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity may not be as desirable as he at first thought. As he follows this real-life super-hero in his adventures, it becomes increasingly clear that the Canary often cannot distinguish the good guys from the bad or massive conspiracies from misunderstandings, and Kent begins to doubt the Canary’s very sanity. Kent stands in the position to expose the Canary, and in so doing destroy the legend – a legend that keeps the crime rate in the city down – or he can dig deeper, hoping that there is a true hero somewhere beneath the nylon yellow poncho he wears as a uniform.

Louis Markos says of this novel, “Funny without being cute, moving without being sentimental… Engrossing from beginning to end…, a must read.”

Available on Kindle and in paperback.