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The TechnoFunkBoy: The Final Fantasy Mixes

The Final Fantasy Mixes: A Tribute to Nobuo Uematsuthetechnofunkboy2

Our tribute to one of our favorite composers of all time: Nobuo Uematsu. We’ve taken 12 of his themes and turned them into 10 dance songs that are sure to get your groove going.  Click the links above to get this album!

  1. The Prelude
  2. Gulugu Volcano (From “Final Fantasy I”)
  3. Fight 2 (From “Final Fantasy IV”)
  4. Theme from Final Fantasy II
  5. Chocobo! Chocobo! (From “Final Fantasy IV”)
  6. Tina (From “Final Fantasy VI”)
  7. The Airship Medley: The Airship (From “Final Fantasy I”) / The Dragon Spreads Its Wings (From “Final Fantasy V”) / The Big Whale (From “Final Fantasy IV”)
  8. Forested Temple (From “Final Fantasy VII”)
  9. Crossing Those Hills / The Melodies of Life (From “Final Fantasy IX”)
  10. Epilogue (From “Final Fantasy IV”)

The TechnoFunkBoy: Driver’s Seat EP

TFB cover

The TechnoFunkBoy

Driver’s Seat


  • Prelude
  • Almighty
  • Cross
  • Valley
  • Robot
  • Postlude

Sort of a hip hop, dance, rock, pop, and old school MIDI game music thingy. It’s an exploration of the doctrine of God’s sovereignty that you can dance to. And it may make you want to play Zelda or Mario Bros. The members of TFB are well-acquainted with game music, seeing as how they were born and raised in various Nintendo games. Advancements in technology have at last allowed them to perform in the real world.

This album is available for free over at Noisetrade.  Enjoy!


ExcelsiorThe “hard album.” I mainly wanted to do a collection that rocked, so the uniting rule for this album was that every song had to have a distorted guitar. The whole album is available for free download.

Click here to download

1. I Believe
2. Time
3. Instrument of My Soul
4. 4
5. Slipping Away
6. Full Circle
7. All the Way
8. Be Someone
9. Fine Then
10. Be That Way
11. Maybe
12. Red Notebook
13. Through the Trees
14. The Next Stoning
15. Barren Hearted Wanderers
16. Oblivious to Me
17. Instrument of My Soul (Reprise)